Best Mascara

I have probably tried every single brand and type of mascara out there and finally have found the best (in my humblest opinion).  Here are my top choices for those who are ballin’ and those who are ballin’ on a budget- either one will make you look like a million bucks!

And btw I don’t take money for product reviews so this is un-bought and interest free advice.

Best of Department Store brands:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.47.13 PMGuerlain Cils d’Enfer ($32) When I first saw a friend with this mascara I could not tell (for days) whether her lashes were real or fake. It just looked incredible. So much length and volume. The only drawback that I noticed, is that it can get clumpy on your lashes so sometimes a lash brush may be needed.  Have not tested out the waterproof one, but the regular one has pretty heavy coverage so you definitely need makeup remover or some sort of oil based cleanser to take it off.


BEST of Drugstore brands:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.46.32 PML’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara ($8) The best one out there if you are on a budget or don’t have the patience for false lashes.  The length was the most impressive feature and for day wear one coat is all that is needed. For heavier more dramatic look, a second coat is a plus. I used the waterproof one and although you are NOT supposed to sleep in your makeup BUT when I did I was surprised to wake up with my lashes still looking FABULOUS and not smeared all over my face. The drawback is that even with makeup remover it took a lot to actually take it off.



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