Lower Body Workout

First start off by doing about 20-30 min of cardio (such as jogging)

Then do the following lower body exercises. If you want to add difficulty, add weights to the exercises with * next to them. I recommend a 10 to 25 pound weight. 

  • 25 shoulder bridges *
  • 20 Full Squats*
  • 50 Donkey Kicks on each side*
  • 20 Clam each side
  • 25 Shoulder Bridge*
  • 20 Plie Squats*
  • 25 One-leg bridges each*
  • 25 Jumping lunges
  • 25 Shoulder Bridges*
  • 25 donkey kicks*

And of course, let’s end with abs! Do x15 each side. 




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