Healing Skin (esp. breakouts)

downloadMy top choice for scabs, cuts, chapped lips, cuticles and other skin issues has always been the incredibly fast acting Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant compound of 8 chemicals, found in nuts and avocado, it both heals and protects your skin from “free-radicals”.  It is very thick and greasy but will not run. Still, I recommend applying at night.  I have a terrible habit of picking my skin (esp. when stressed and often without realizing it) and Vitamin E has always helped my skin recover without scaring. I like using the 28,000 I.U. oil.


Desktop16 If it wasn’t for the AWFUL smell (although met a few people who loved it….weirdos 😉 Neem oil  would be neck to neck with Vitamin E when it comes to speeding up the healing process. Also one I would only put on at night (sometimes mixed with Vitamin E).  I discovered Neem oil while traveling in India where they say it heals 40 ailments and is a major component in Ayurvedic medicine for skin diseases. It too has excellent antioxidant properties. Like coconut oil, it turns into a solid when at room temperature.  It also does an incredible job reducing redness and inflammation. 
Cortizone-10-Intensive-Healing-Formula-Anti-Itch-Creme-041167003534If however, you would like a less smelly way to reduce inflammation you can also use Cortizone 10-plus. It is traditionally used to reduce itching and inflammation caused caused by insect bites, eczema, rashes etc.  It is super effective for cysts and you can wear during daytime, it doesn’t smell or leave a film. Apply every 4 hours or overnight; it works wonders. 

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