Grape Seed Oil for Skin (and hair)

image001I can honestly say that I have tried every “natural” moisturizer out there from Shea butter to Emu oil.  I hope this provides some clarity and saves you time, money and frustration.  First, the type of oil that works for you depends on your skin type, preference, season and diet.  Diet matters because the best way to change your skin is from the inside out.   YES DIET! From wrinkles to acne- diet has a MAJOR role.

Omega 3 found in foods such as avocado, fish, walnuts helps keep your skin most and wrinkle free among other benefits.  If you suffer from dry skin, especially in Summer as opposed to Winter,  try drinking more water; 2 to 3 liters per day to be specific. Water give your skin a beautiful glow and best of all it is free!

Back to the oils…I find most oils to be too greasy and often times it feels like they aren’t penetrating my skin but are just lingering on the surface. Butters, such as coco and shea, are both greasy and heavy so I only use raw Shea Butter during the winter months on my legs, or in the summer on my heels/feet to keep them smooth.

I have found grape seed oil to be the most beneficial for my skin. After about a week of using it, my skin gains a wonderful softness and smoothness.   I suspect it is because of the lionelic acid it contains which is very beneficial to skin. I have read that grape see oil treats acne, aging,  skin elasticity etc.  I can not verify all of the claims, but I can say that my skin looks great and is so touchable as a result.

Don’t go to the beauty section of your Whole Foods to buy the oil. It will cost you double, if not triple the price for the SAME oil found in the food section!  Just make sure it is pure and highest grade.

Added bonus, grape seed oil protects hair up to 425 degrees heat styling while moisturizing it. I bought a salad dressing spritzer and use it to spritz my hair with it before straightening my hair. The heat opens up your hair follicles, allowing the oil to penetrate (like a hot oil treatment) so when you do wash your hair it will be extra soft and manageable.  BEWARE that it can quickly make your hair greasy so use sparingly; start with a little then build up. Works best on curly or ethnic hair.


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